There is so much to be done in the first few weeks of starting a new business. I walked into my bank to open an account for Frances Marketing Group a few days ago. I’ve been a customer for 18 years and the branch is a 6 minute walk from my house.

This day it was filled with strangers. The management staff turned over in the last month. I asked where they were. I needed my “relationship banker.” A man looked at me with a blank stare and said “she transferred to Kenilworth, it’s north of Baltimore…”

Hmmm, Kenilworth is not north of Baltimore, it’s just outside of Washington. I left. After making a few calls to see if anyone had a relationship banker they could recommend, I walked back in to give the dude another chance (after all, it’s a 6 minute walk from my new office)

He was not there. No one knew where he went; but there were loan applications all over his desk. Other people’s financial documents were left out for everyone to see! My first instinct was correct, and I left again.

Where should I go? And then I remembered a tv commercial featuring one of the owners of Mission BBQ. Bill Kraus was talking about the business he and Steve Newton built, and how M&T Bank was there for them. There was the relationship I was searching for. Mission BBQ Annapolis’s restaurants are very special places for me and my USNA Sponsor Family. If Mission BBQ has a relationship with M&T, then I want one too. I walked in to the West Street branch and asked to speak to someone about opening an account. A friendly face smiled at me and said, “Please give me one second to put away these loan documents from the client that just left….”

Yes, I think I will be very happy here.

Great marketing sells a great product.