Networking…Do you or don’t you? I do!
March 14, 2017

Unless you buy an existing business, you have to come up with the perfect name. Where do you start? Does it have to mean something? Do you envision the logo first? Do you have a mission statement in mind? There’s so much to consider, yet you will make yourself crazy if you over think it.

I always said I would start The Frances Foundation if I ever won the lottery. The foundation would have 2 purposes: to fight alzheimers and dementia, and to help returning veterans and their families transition back into a ‘normal family life’.  

Although I did not win the lottery, Frances was the perfect name for my company. The Frances Group sounded good, except it could be a law firm, an accounting group, an insurance agency, etc. “Frances Marketing Group” tells you exactly what we do. Before I got too attached to the name, I needed to find the ideal url. would be too long to type and too easy to misspell.

When I found that was available, I bought it immediately (and did the happy dance all the way down General’s Highway.)

In case you’re wondering what’s in this name…

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