May 25, 2018

Memorial Day: #ItsNotAboutTheSales

It was brilliant marketing I suppose. The weather is finally perfect, it’s a three day weekend, everyone is headed to the nearest beach, boat, or bar. […]
October 3, 2017

“I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed…”

Optimizing Your Website for Speed We have designed and host a large number of websites, and the Top Gun mantra was often shouted in our team […]
April 19, 2017

SEO & Social Media…yes, you need both

It happens to you often, probably today, you clicked on ad/sponsored story/paid post because it interested you. How long did it take to find the answer […]
April 2, 2017

Experiential Marketing. Make sure it’s a GREAT experience.

Yesterday there was a chicken wing festival at the fair grounds. I’m not much of wing girl myself so it was never on my radar. If […]
March 19, 2017

What are your “Spring Rituals”?

Ahhhhh, the first day of spring. After the past few days of bitter cold, I am truly looking forward to this day. Every year, I attempt […]
March 14, 2017

Networking…Do you or don’t you? I do!

I read a blog today about buying “leads and referrals” from a vendor. That vendor bought the leads from various sources and sold them to his buyers. The […]
March 5, 2017

What’s In A Name?

Unless you buy an existing business, you have to come up with the perfect name. Where do you start? Does it have to mean something? Do […]

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