Giving Back

We love being a part of something bigger than all of us. What are your favorite ways to lend a hand in the community

Frances suffered from “chronic volunteerism”…so it’s in our genes! 

We strongly believe in giving back in our community, Judy proudly serves the city of Annapolis…



♥️🤍Downtown Annapolis Partnership….Secretary, and Chief ELFormation Officer of Christmas in Annapolis. 

♥️🤍Annapolis Police Foundation….Vice Chair & Social Media Director 

♥️🤍United States Naval Academy… “Sponsor Mom” to 150 Midshipmen over the last 20 years.

♥️🤍Travis Manion Foundation - Annapolis Chapter … Social Media Director  

♥️🤍United States Naval Academy Chaplain Center … Lector & Social Media Director 

♥️🤍Annapolis Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition … TIPS trainer. 

♥️🤍Annapolis Police Department Scholarship Program … Board of Directors & Event Planner