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March 14, 2017
Experiential Marketing. Make sure it’s a GREAT experience.
April 2, 2017

Ahhhhh, the first day of spring. After the past few days of bitter cold, I am truly looking forward to this day.

Every year, I attempt the egg challenge.
If you google it, there are conflicting theories. While snopes reports it’s impossible to get an egg to stand on end, some websites say it’s do-able every day the year. I’ve only ever tried it on the vernal equinox, happy to report, it works. Maybe it is possible to do daily, but I like to believe it’s a magical, springtime, thing.

The other wonderful event that happens on the first day of spring is not disputed by any source. It is, quite literally, a sweet thing.

Rita’s Ices is giving away free ices all day. There are 2 stores within 10 minutes of the office, and it’s supposed to be 54 degrees here in Annapolis. I imagine the lines at both the Bay Ridge and Cape St. Claire Rita’s will be long, but they’ll move quickly. If I have a small salad for lunch,  I won’t feel guilty indulging in Rita’s yummy deliciousness, twice. Fingers crossed, they will have Swedish Fish at one or both Rita’s.

Here’s hoping your egg stands on its end, and your nearest Rita’s Ices has your favorite flavor. Happy Spring!

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