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April 2, 2017
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July 7, 2017

It happens to you often, probably today, you clicked on ad/sponsored story/paid post because it interested you.

How long did it take to find the answer or info you wanted? Did you even find the answer? Or worse, did they ask for all your personal info before you even arrived at their landing page or website? Frustrating.

I run seminars to help small business owners. It’s vital to stay on top of the trends in this everchanging industry.

Recently I attended a series of social media workshops. Many of the business owners in the room had poorly designed websites, no search engine optimization (SEO) and in some cases, no websites.

They would never advertise their brick and mortar business if they had no merchandise in the store. They would not advertise an item they didn’t carry. But that’s exactly what they are doing online.

Before investing time and money on social media, business owners should make sure their “online brick and mortar”, their website, is “open for business.”

Advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., will hurt you if you are directing consumers to a website that is not properly optimized. You need to provide consumers with consistent, relevant content. Your site needs to be designed for use on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phones. It should be easy for the consumer to find what you’re advertising as easily as they would if they walked into your business. You know what happens when you can’t navigate through someone else’s site. You leave. Typically, you don’t return. Ever. You WILL lose customers if they cannot easily find what they want on your website.

You need both, SEO and Social Media. Start with your Search Engine Optimization.

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