Annapolis Spooked by Special Historic Hauntings Tour

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Annapolis Spooked by Special Historic Hauntings Tour

October peaks at the end of the month and taking the Special Historic Hauntings Tour of Annapolis will make sure you are ready for Halloween! Annapolis Tours by Watermark schedules their spooky tours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from October 1 to October 30, 2021.

What makes the tour “special” is the visit to a well-known haunted house. Due to the tour’s popularity, we strongly suggest making reservations on the Watermark Website for the one hour and 45-minute walking tour.

Ghosts of Annapolis

After sunsets on the old historic district of Annapolis, a guide in colonial clothing will accompany you by lamplight and tell ghost stories.

Stories of sailors drowned at sea, victims who plummeted to their deaths, and the souls of colonial women who still haunt their family’s 18th Century mansions. Footsteps made by shadows, headless ghosts who journey in the dark, a gravedigger who perpetually shovels, and men unjustly hung in prisons combine to make this night frightening.

Attendees will learn all about Arianna Jenning, whose ghost appeared right under her portrait inside the Little Brice House only seconds after she passed away across the Atlantic Ocean in England. Although Annapolis haunted tours are scary, they are family-friendly, entertaining, and lots of fun.

Haunted House

As part of the package, Special Historic Hauntings will take you on an exclusive tour of the James Brice House. Many consider it Annapolis’ most haunted home, and the guide will talk about the individual ghosts who have haunted the home for hundreds of years. 

The conscientious guides of Watermark are careful to ensure they do not lose the keys that allow entry into Brice House after sunset. They also take a headcount upon leaving. Otherwise, a poor guest may be trapped inside all night…

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